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Southeastern Construction Owners & Associates Roundtable

Membership Application

SCOAR membership has four membership types (see descriptions below). All are company memberships. After reviewing the different types of membership, please complete the application below.

Owner Members—are those organizations that purchase engineering/construction/maintenance related goods and services in order to conduct business and meet enterprise objectives (manufacturers, utilities, processors, etc.). They normally purchase such goods and services from organizations which would be eligible for membership as an Associate, Affiliate, or Subscriber.

Associate Members—are those organizations that sell or deliver engineering/construction/maintenance related goods or services as an important element of their business enterprise objective.

Affiliate Members—are those organizations that have an interest in the engineering/construction /maintenance industry and desire to affiliate with the association.

Subscriber Members—consist of individual, sole proprietor, specialty consultant, one-person companies who have an interest in local engineering/construction/maintenance improvement objectives. They normally will be helping the other member classes with improvement/ consulting services. This is not intended for individuals in larger than one-person companies who want to join individually.

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SCOAR Committees

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