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Southeastern Construction Owners & Associates Roundtable


The following guidelines shall be followed in conducting meetings of the Southeastern Construction Owners & Associates Roundtable (SCOAR). This is not an exhaustive list of every possible subject to be avoided; in the event you have doubts about the propriety of any matter to be discussed in a meeting, please consult our Executive Director.

Generally, antitrust laws proscribe unlawful combinations or agreements with competitors that are likely to injure competition. SCOAR seeks to avoid even the appearance of impropriety and this is the spirit in which these guidelines are written.

  1. SCOAR will not discuss prices of goods or services of any particular company or companies.

  2. SCOAR will not disparage the goods or services of any particular company or companies.

  3. SCOAR will not recommend the selection of any particular company as a supplier.

  4. SCOAR will not urge or counsel that any participating company engage in any concerted activity to accomplish any unlawful purpose, as for example, boycotting any company to take a desired action.

  5. SCOAR will not discuss matters that may be trade secrets of any company.

  6. SCOAR will not propose secret sessions after official meetings to discuss matters that cannot lawfully be discussed at official meetings.

  7. SCOAR committees, task forces or other informal groups within SCOAR will not engage in publishing materials without the advance approval of the Board of Directors.

  8. SCOAR seeks to educate member firms and facilitate communication on important issues in the construction industry so every member firm will be better informed and can make its own individual business decisions. SCOAR members are not required to adopt the SCOAR recommendations or policies.